Omega Club Beta 2
Update June 2022

What's changed in Omega Club BETA 2 version?

BETA 2 version of the game is scheduled to published on June 9, 2022 with the following key changes:
  • Changed the play system for each level to a quest system where players have to complete each quest and have the freedom to choose each level to play.
  • Item crafting system, participants can be regular players who don't need NFT or Omega tokens, earning a share of the 80% sale price of crafted items.
  • Item Market is the point where players will go to buy items. In the future there will be many more items.
  • Item Factory NFT receives 20% of the selling price of every item.
  • Deposit system (import to Omega In-Game).
  • Player can withdraw any amount you want, with a minimum of 2000 Omega.
  • Rewards that varies according to the quality of the shoes item.
  • Game control that will vary depending on the quality of the shoes item.
  • Adjusted the number of NFTs required for each level.
  • Remove replay feature, no replay fee.
  • Withdrawal cooldown expanded to 6 days.
All changes to BETA 2 were made to make the game easier for new players, easy for investors to manage and build a game structure to support the pvp system, which will be the next update of the game.